The term Naat-Shareef is reserved and used for the poetry in the praise of our last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) written in Urdu, Persian, Arabic and also in Punjabi.

There are many Naat Khauan is the world some are Amir Liaquat Hussain, Awais Raza Qadri, Farhan Ali Qadri, Mushtaq Qadri , Junaid Jamshed,

Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai
Oh Moon, never mind if
I tell you the truth
Sometimes you are dim
Sometimes you are bright
Still, your brightness is not equal
To an atom of the dust
From the foot of Muhammad (PBUH)


Darood Pak (S.A.A.S)  Quran is the main religious text of Islam, also sometimes transliterated as Quran, Kuran, Koran, Qur’ān, al-Qur’ān. It is widely regarded as the greatest piece of literature in the Arabic language.



URDU is a Turkish word and it means an army. Urdu is generally written from right to left just like Arabic and Persian. Urdu has 39 basic letters and 13 extra characters, all together 52 and most of these letters are from Arabic and a small quantity from Persian. It has almost all the ‘sounds’ available in any other language spoken in the world..